The heroic death of Henri Régnault, a volunteer during the 1870 war, bestowed legendary glory on the painter. In his short life, there are many aspects which remind us of Géricault, and one can imagine the position which Régnault could have held in French art if his life had not suddenly ended on January 19th, 1871, at 28 years old, during the Battle of Buzenval.

When the estate was consolidated in 1896, maintaining the bust of Henri Régnault was one of the sales conditions. In 1913, just a few months after the inauguration of the golf course, the Republic paid its respects before the monument to the memory of the painter Henri Régnault, who was killed at the Battle of Buzenval. Several months before the outbreak of the First World War, the homage was pacific although France was bent on revenge.

Excerpt of the book on Saint-Cloud Golf Club’s Centenary (Georges Jeanneau) - 2013