Two legendary architects

Saint-Cloud Country Club was founded in 1911 for the practice of golf, tennis, croquet, squash and polo. The polo event of the 1924 Olympic Games was held on hole n° 3 of the Green course. The club house is still visible on the left of the hole.  

Henry CACHARD and his committee chose the legendary English architect Harry S. Colt to design the golf course. This course was inaugurated in 1913 and a second 18-hole course was then completed in 1930. 

In 1923, Henry Cachard asked Louis Süe to build the club house; he accepted and built it jointly with Ernest-Michel Hébrard. An amazing character, Louis Süe was lucky to have artistic skills which were perfectly in tune with the roaring twenties.    

The building, which was inaugurated in 1925, still bears testimony to the art of French living and is still one of the most beautiful club houses in France.
Club House of Saint-Cloud Golf Club

Club House of Saint-Cloud Golf Club