Our pros

The teachers and instructors offer individual or group lessons both on the range and on the course. You will find their details below:

It is possible to book a lesson with an instructor even if you are not a member of the club. You will be requested to pay an entrance fee for the lesson which is set at €5 in the week and €8 at the weekend, payable at the reception.

The instructors regularly organize golf courses. For information call: 01 47 01 61 28
Jean-Pierre Tairraz

Jean-Pierre Tairraz

Head Pro
Professional since 1977
2nd Level State-Qualified Instructor
Master Professional at the French PGA
Engineering graduate from INSA Lyons
The author of 4 books including:
“Golf: the rules” (Golf: mode d’emploi)
Co-author of the booklet “Quick rules” (Règles express)
Author of the booklets: “Flash golf” and “Golf, the keys to success” (Golf, les clés de la réussite)
Team coach for the under 17 boys
Mobile: 06 68 53 42 05
Email: jpierre.tairraz@numericable.fr
Jean-Claude Bard

Jean-Claude Bard

Professional since 1964 
2nd Level State-Qualified Instructor
Winner of the PGA Competition for Innovation 2002
Golf instructor at Les Arcs in summer
Mobile: 06 73 00 14 02
Christian Cévaër

Christian Cévaër

Professional since 1993
1st Level State-Qualified Instructor
Honorary member of the French PGA
Coach and player on the European Tour – Team trainer for the 1st men’s team
Qualified in Psychology at Stanford University, USA, 1992
Winner of the European Open 2009 – Winner of the Spanish Open 2004
N°1 in the European Tour Putting Statistics 2004 & 2005, N°4 in 2013
Mobile: 06 09 50 16 22
Website: www.christiancevaergolf.com 
Email: contact@christiancevaergolf.com
Sophie Demey

Sophie Demey

Professional since 1992
2nd Level State-Qualified Instructor
Qualified in Caycedian Sophrology
Instructor for the 2nd Men’s Team
Team coach for the under 17 girls
Mobile: 06 86 45 58 84
Email: sophie.demey@yahoo.fr
Cédric Doucet

Cédric Doucet

Professional since 1994
1st Level State-Qualified Instructor
Professional player
Instructor for the 1st Ladies Team (Golfer’s)
Mobile: 06 10 08 22 67
Email: cedricdoucet61@gmail.com
Paul Galitzine

Paul Galitzine

Professional since 1987
1st Level State-Qualified Instructor
One year training course in P.N.L. (neuro-linguistic programming)
Instructor of the Mid-Amateur Women’s Team
Dartfish video analysis
Mobile: 06 09 60 82 73
Email: paulgalitzinegolf@gmail.com
Jean-Charles Lesentier

Jean-Charles Lesentier

Professional since 1991
1st Level State-Qualified Instructor
Mobile: 06 24 31 03 81
Email: jclesentier@live.fr
Teaches at Saint-Cloud Golf Club on Tuesdays, Thursdays, weekends and bank holidays